A Simple Yacht Cruise

Sailing on board along the Arabian Gulf is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Dubai, U.A.E is the worlds most incredible city, with its glittering urban metropolis seen from the sea during the non-stop sunshine during the day, as well as at night, under the glowing moon and stars.

The capital, Abu Dhabi, as well at the other Emirates, also offer breathtaking views of the city from the sea while you enjoy your cruise with a refreshing drink, cool sea breeze and the company of friends and family.

Cruising along the clear blue waters of the U.A.E has its perks, if your lucky, get a glimpse of a few of the sea celebrities such as Dolphins, turtles, whale sharks and other marine life.

Other amazing sites you will see on your yacht charter in Dubai, are the Marina Lagoon, The World Islands, Palm Jumeirah, Bur Al Arab, the New Dubai Canal and much more.

Shining at you and standing tall from the coast you will see the splendor of the World Famous and Tallest, Burj Khalifa.

Cruising in the U.A.E makes for a truly unforgettable, breathtaking and memorable experience every time, all through the year.

Let us take you through a brief of how a yacht charter cruise would work in Dubai and experience Luxury at its Finest. Although my words may not be apt enough to express the breathtaking views on board or over sea, indulge me anyways.

Be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Corporate Event or just a social gathering, going out on a yacht cruise is definitely a group event. Unless its Valentines Day (Wink Wink).
Your first task is to bring in all your friends and family. Get confirmed numbers. The reason being, will be explained shortly. Secondly, would be to discuss and fix on the best possible date and timings for everyone. This may seem like a gigantuous chore, however the benefits out way the costs. With reference to timings, our suggestion would be to either take advance of the sunshine or mix up the moods with a late afternoon, enjoy the sunset, then move to continue the party at night with the glimmering lights of Dubai shinning at you from the coast.

Now that you have confirmed numbers, a fixed date and timing of your cruise, well planned in advance (atleast a week or two), we can now proceed to the exciting bit.

Destinationsae.com will review these details to find the perfect Yacht to fit the occasion, present you with a number of options, make sure your needs are met, your expectations exceeded and stay the course, to make it a Memorable one.

The Perfect Yacht narrowed down and Booked (Tick).
The Perfect Date and Timings Confirmed (Tick).

We at Destinations, take our yacht charter events to the next level.
On all our yachts, we provide assorted soft drinks, mineral water and ice unlimited and complementary. In addition, we can also arrange for decorations for themes events, top notch catering so you wont go hungry during your party cruise, live music with a Dj or an acoustic band, lights and sound equipment, belly-dancers, hostesses, waiters, a Red carpet at arrival and departure, security, a Limousine ride, the list is endless.
Our primary endeavour is for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves without a care in the world and all your needs are met. Its most important to us that you and them have an unforgettable day out.

The Tans Will Fade, But The Memories Will Last Forever.’
Sailing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round, to host your next unforgettable yacht charter event in Dubai.
By Mario Deane Vaz.

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