Dubai, U.A.E

Dubai is an emirate in the United Arab Emirates, and is extremely well known for its warm hospitality, rich cultural heritage, luxury shopping malls, unbelievable hotels, ultramodern architecture, world class entertainment and an endless list of sites and things to do. Be it for leisure or business, millions come to Dubai to experience luxury at its finest.

Dubai offers a unique variety of attractions for all visitors. A city with a unique flavor and personality, a cosmopolitan society with an international lifestyle.

Dubai, U.A.E is the most incredible city the the world, especially when seen from the sea, with its glittering urban metropolis during the day and glows at night under the moon and stars.

The capital, Abu Dhabi, as well at the other Emirates, also offers breathtaking views of the city from the sea while you enjoy your cruise with a refreshing drink in your hand and feel the cool sea breeze.

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Sailing in a luxurious yacht along the Arabian Gulf is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Cruise along the clear blue waters of the U.A.E, and if your lucky, can get a glimpse of the sea celebrities such as Dolphins, turtles, whale sharks and other marine life.

Other amazing sites you will see on your cruise in Dubai, are the Marina Lagoon, The World Islands, Palm Jumeirah, Bur Al Arab, the New Dubai Canal and much more. You will also see the world famous Burj Khalifa’s splendor, shining at you from the coast. Cruising in the U.A.E makes for a truly unforgettable, breathtaking and memorable experience every time, all through the year.

By Mario Deane Vaz.

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