The Yacht Diaries

A few nautical miles from the shore, deep in the wilderness of the Arabian Sea, there was nothing but tranquility around us. Every now and then, a rogue wave would rebelliously smash itself against the composite hull of my yacht to threaten my moment. But alas, this was exactly why we escaped from the beachy sands of the concrete world.

With a career-focused lifestyle, and a scheduled perfectly resonant of the fast-paced Emirate of Dubai, we rarely get the opportunity to socialize, let alone meet our friends during the week. Between power lunches and takeaway, most of us never got the chance to nurture what matters most in life – relationships – but today was the perfect opportunity. On the cusp of adulthood at 30, and celebrating my birthday aboard a luxury yacht was the greatest gift my wife could give me.

In the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by loved ones, I learnt something important. Life isn’t about the race, but the destination. And it wasn’t the lush office on the top floor I desired, but a beautiful moment in my utopia.

And today, I reached my destination.
By Munawwar Ahmed.

Munawwar Ahmed is a chronic thinker, researcher and wordsmith with a raging passion for the outdoors and creativity, trapped within the confines of his eccentric mind!
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