Wanderlust in Dubai

For those of us consumed by ‘wanderlust’, adventures come in many shapes and sizes – exotic vacations, quick getaways and even staycations. And for some of us trapped within the nuances of our money-centric expatriate lives, moving across time zones for a break is not always the most fascinating idea, or economically viable.

Shopping around for an inexpensive, yet ‘clean break’ away, one of my friends recommended we go away for a weekend of deep sea fishing amidst the tranquility of the Arabian Sea. Relying solely on his planning, I parked my car and walked apprehensively towards the Marina docks and boarded our chartered yacht docked by the pier. Five hours later, eight content adults and 6 exhausted children tumbled onto the pier leaving behind their ‘temporary’ vacation. As they made their way back towards reality – cars, highways and apartments – each of the 14-strong party felt a hint of nostalgia.

As we tucked into sheesh tawook and hummus later that evening, my thoughts wandered back to the Arabian Sea. And just as the coals on my hookah were refreshed, my Dubai experience metamorphosed into MyDubai.
By Munawwar Ahmed.

Munawwar Ahmed is a chronic thinker, researcher and wordsmith with a raging passion for the outdoors and creativity, trapped within the confines of his eccentric mind!
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